Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12.26.07 - Leaders Weakness

The so-called "leaders" (Financials - XLF, Transports - IYT and Semi-Conductors - SMH) are all showing more relative weakness than the major averages belie. Overall a flat, low-volume market. What did I expect the day after Christmas? Speaking of which, hope yours was terrific!

Nothing to show today so far... oh how I hate sideways markets -- you just know they are going to break one way or the other. Technically overbought, but now we have year-end to consider. Have you voted in the right hand side-bar poll yet? Didn't think so... come on gang!

12:15PM CST Update: Little break-out to the upside about 45-minutes ago. Cumulative Tick has turned positive and "leaders" making a come back, but still down.

Trade Idea Result: I should also update the Market Sentiment long signal noted last week on the 19th. It closed-out two days thereafter for a hypothetical +2.0% gain. Had you continued to hold through today, you obviously would have done better yet.

12.19.07 - Bad News Saturation?

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