Friday, December 28, 2007

12.28.07 - Nuetral Day... far... Tick and A-D lines essentially flat -- constructive, I suppose, but looks like we could be slipping here. Europe is holding up relatively better. The TNX (ten-year note) is getting pounded. Boy those new homes numbers were bad; really killed what could have been a nice bounce day going into New Year's Eve. Meanwhile the Chicago PMI came in strong, go figure.

12:00PM CST UPDATE: Yup, the market has deteriorated and now is around S1. Volume is extremely low. May hold around here. As a side note, I noticed that the Sentiment signal triggered long yesterday. I'll be thinking about taking that at the close or on evidence of a reversal, which is nowhere to be be seen as of now.

3:00PM CST UPDATE: Sort of a go nowhere day after all. Speaking of which, looks like Monday is a full-trading day after all. See you then.

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