Monday, March 17, 2008

03.17.08 - Sunday Haircut

Uh oh... get ready...

o Fed Cuts Rates... 25bps?
o Bear for $2.00..?

Hate to be cute ahead of day like this, but this is as least as entertaining as CNBC commentary -- I'm rather certain all we will hear today is how unique BSC is:

o Radiohead
o 4000-Ds
o Falling Down
o It's a Wonderful Life
o A Waste
o ...

You get the idea. Let's hope they are right. I did like the comment that the finacial's repriced multiple is now two times... shares outstanding. Now off to work.

AM Update:

o As a reminder, options expiration comes a day early this week.
o So much for my "news risk aside" comment last week!
o There are a number of banks reporting this week.
o The bounce is rolling over under the VWAP -- cash is king for the day.
o This blog makes a number of great points in a very concise manner.
o Has anyone looked at the VIX? It has nearly tagged 36 -- levels last seen January 22nd, and last year on August 16th.
o Excellent post on The Big Picture.

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