Thursday, August 21, 2008

08.21.08 - Commodities Comeback

Oil (USO) is +3.85% and Gold (GLD) is +2.64% as the US Dollar has weakened (UUP) -1.13%. Equities are hanging in there at a loss, but be careful, Adjusted Tick is trending down, as is the AD line.

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10:40AM PST UPDATE: AD line started sloping up about 40-minutes ago. Adjusted Tick is still negative, but swinging up. Impact on price is obvious. We have certainly been very oversold, but a bit bizarre to see the move on a huge commodities day. Is it a bounce in all quarters, GSE speculation, or a vote of economic confidence? That's Mr. Market for you. I'd still trail stops on longs.

o Blog to Read: Bill Luby presents a technical scenario involving a commodities rebound here.

CLOSING UPDATE: R1 on the SPY proved strong resistance. Fascinating day -- thoughts?

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