Monday, August 25, 2008

08.25.08 - Nothing Safe Today...

...unless you are in treasuries. Oil and gold up modestly as well. Be careful, Tick is highly negative and trending down. Street is practically begging for a retest last month's lows. Money flow as been very weak and there is no volume. On a more positive note, there is often a upward holiday bias going into this long weekend -- see Altucher's book on this (link on right below "How to Trade Like a Hedge Fund"). We'll see.

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POST CLOSE UPDATE: Note that a Big Move on Low Volume mechanical "short" study criteria were met today [edit: not really a signal, just within study bounds; changed text accordingly], as described last week. With volume at 76% of average, although wins are greater in magnitude than losses, odds technically favor a bounce. Please read the article before you consider trading this... it's more of a cautionary warning than a statistically robust signal with volume so light -- just not alot of information there.

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