Friday, August 29, 2008

Market Rewind Readers Mostly Optimistic

Going into the last third of the year, Market Rewind readers are mostly optimistic on year-end equity market performance. Indeed, 58% expect an improvement from where the S&P 500 currently sits, down some -12.5% on the year. Only 19% of the 31 respondents see stocks falling appreciably lower. This is in relative contrast to the poll held last January, when readers were largely pessimistic on 2008 compared to historic averages, and correctly so. Will the wisdom of our community prevail once again?

Republished from the January post is a summary of S&P 500 cash index historical results over the last 80 years.

Original 2008 Poll Article

It goes without saying that these are small samples, but thank you for your participation. With many economic questions still lingering and the political season moving into high gear, we certainly have an interesting period ahead of us! Comments?

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