Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12.30.08 - Trend Day Attempting to Evolve

With the Cumulative Tick and the A-D lines looking strong, we have the possibility of a good trend day setting up. For that to be confirmed, however, we will need to break out of this mini-range that the SPY has been in for the last half hour or so post resistive volume spike peaking at 8:55am PST. VIX is down over 1% to 43. As of this posting; however, the immediate trend has waned and I will be looking for potential support at the VWAP ($87.80).

Close - Great day. Tagged the VWAP some four times after the morning pop, but it held and catapulted into the close. I placed a partial hedge on core assets at the close and fully closed my levered swing trade from last week. S&P 500 component changes tomorrow.

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