Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Which Version of MS Excel?

Not for Republication

Hi Gang, as you know, I will soon be offering a comprehensive technical summary of daily ETF performances across more than 150 security types. If you trade ETFs, it will be for you - and I'm not just blowing my own horn (OK, maybe a little).

Conundrum - I am developing in Excel 2007, which has advantages in file size, formatting and other areas. However, I expect many of you still run 2003 or earlier. Would you please complete the poll to the right so I can decide how necessary it is to "down save." Thanks!

Speaking of which, I don't know how I'd do my technical analysis and data importing into Excel without the AnalyzerXL plug-in suite - at least check it out - highly recommended, and well worth it! The "Pro" package is the way to go; they are running a holiday promotion right now.


Damian said...

AnalyzerXL is pretty cool. I use Excel2003

Anonymous said...

I also use AnalyzerXL, but I have Office 2000.


John Roberts said...

AnalyzerXL is pretty cool. I use Excel2003 but recently given excel2007 by my employer. Yet to really work with it.

Jeff Pietsch CFA Esq said...

I've found 07 has VERY compelling benefits over 03 to the power user, but the interface changes are g-awful to long-time power users. The work around is to tap into the ribbon modification ability to custom build the old one, whatever your set up was, then hide that fat screen hog above. Thanks, Jeff