Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Time Machine Update (March 19, 2009)

However directionally correct and as fun as it has been to "watch the squiggly line," as Dr. Ponzo puts it, this will probably be my last "time machine" update. It's just plain "time" to move along!
Note how the range has bumped up significantly to SPX 680 to 880. What we see in the aggregate prediction is a drift higher before an eventual return to current levels or lower (all scenarios). Still, that's alot of room to run!

You may want to read the research note here in conjunction with this post. In fact, we did not get a sixth day above RSI-2 95, but rather fell to just under 90. Nevertheless, I still think the persistent bullish behavior may be telling us something important, at least in the very near-term even if we do get a small pullback soon. In that regard, the Fibonacci retrace chart here may become helpful in identifying target ranges.

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