Thursday, April 16, 2009

04.16.09 - Multi-Month Pivot Above

It seems we are finally seeing a cumulative effect of the positive earnings. Note that after the easy morning fade, buyers stepped in convincingly at the five-day moving average. The slope of the cumulative tick and advance decline line are looking strong, and up volume is outpacing down volume.

That said, the absolute values of tick have not exactly been exuberant, and the long-term median line going all the way back to October of last year just above SPY $86 remains resistance. Tomorrow is options expiration, and volatility may begin to pickup here after its significant downshift. I'll therefore be watching tick and price behavior around the VWAP closely.

Longer-Term Chart

Here is that long-term SPY median line. Also note the blue 200-day moving average is now visible in picture!

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