Friday, April 17, 2009

04.17.09 - High-End Range Resistance...

... or just morning chop before another afternoon move? The market is valiantly holding above its Volume Weighted Average Price and Cumulative Tick has gone net positive on the day. However, like yesterday's first half, it's less than inspirational trade on low volume, and some in the Chatroll are asking whether the market is actually open for business!

Weekend post won't go up until late Sunday this weekend. The mean reverter in me has low expectations for next week post-expiration. Have you looked at the VIX lately? Under 35 today! If we do see another power move higher, color me net short at the close. And no, I'm not a permabear -- just hard not to have an intraday-view only for me at this rate of incline.

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ElToro said...


Great blog!
Can you give me some insight on how you calculate your cumulative tick?


Jeff Pietsch CFA said...

Thanks Toro,

Just add up the closes. I use $TIKUS (Tradestation). See the dotted line overlayed on third Tick pane down.