Sunday, April 19, 2009

ETF Rewind - Week 16 (04/17/09)

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As referenced Friday, personal commitments have me putting up a very quick post late Sunday evening. Therefore, below is an out-take from tonight's ETF Rewind Pro subscriber commentary in lieu of the regular writeup:

"Welcome new subscribers! Conceptually, Friday's further upside left me slightly worried that, even though it was good for the S&P500 overall, to a degree it had the appearance of a pre-reversal laggards'/ options-strike-price-induced rally. Looking at the [near-term] RSI-2 and Z-Score columns on the 'Rewind' tab, you will note that overbought readings are again creeping across many sub-sector ETFs. I maintain that a five percent-plus pullback would be healthy for this market, and our 'Bearish' mechanical signal [from late last week] remains intact.

On the brighter side, I noticed that the first major sector, Consumer Discretionaries (XLY), has finally moved above its 10-Month Moving Average. I thought Technology (XLK) would get there first, but it's certainly not far behind. A long-term bullish confirmation indeed."

Preparation for Week 17 of 2009:

A seventh week of gains with the VIX nearly 15% below its short-term moving average post-expiration seems a little unlikely, doesn't it? We'll see. Enjoy Your Weekend!

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Jared said...

Yes all these new ETF are creating some very interesting pair trading opportunities.

Jeff Pietsch CFA said...

Indeed, Jared. Both versions of the ETF Rewind include a pairs trading engine.

Tools are also included to identify suitable candidates, and the weekend version is available for only $210 per year (a fraction of other sites that only offer this feature). Imagine that!