Friday, June 12, 2009

Quantifiable Edges Quantfinder

Many Rewind readers are familiar with the work of Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges. Rob runs literally hundreds of statistical analyses on the markets each and every day, only a handful of which make it onto his highly recommended blog. The rest are reserved for his extremely well written nightly and weekly newsletters.

Rob recently added a new feature that automatically matches each day's relevant studies to all of his prior newsletter research. He calls it "The Quantfinder." Each day near the close, the Quantfinder searches his entire database of studies based on price, breadth, volume, leadership, and sector rotation, including both daily and weekly data across a wide range of indices.

Even Rob's weekly subscribers can see high level results relevant to the current day. A generous discount can be had on the combined newsletters provided by Rob, Bill Luby of Vix & More, and ETF Rewind by yours truly, through our Blogger Triple Play. Why not give us a trial spin?

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