Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09.29.09 - Comeback Kid?

The major indices took an am session trip down south on the consumer confidence miss, but appear to have stabilized near SPY pivot/ 5-dma at $106, and are seemingly setting up to test the daily VWAP.  Internals are mixed in potential range-day fashion, though they appear to be setting up for a bid, we'll see if they can hold it together here.  The negative intra-day tone is hard to ignore, but so have been the repeated pm session come backs during the last few months.


zuptown said...

Hi, are those short period MA's on the upper and lower ends of your TIKUS bars? I had my TS setup the same way, you're the only other person I've seen with that.

Just found your blog and was wondering what instruments you are currently trading?(me: mostly ES, but NQ on occasion)


jgpietsch said...

Hi Zup, Bet that fish tasted good. Mostly ES here. The connecting bars are just highs and lows, easier to see trend shifts for me that way, but I like your MA idea. Best, J