Friday, April 23, 2010

Aloha Dr. Brett,

In addition to your prodigious quality postings along an amazingly broad spectrum of relevant topic areas at TraderFeed, you were part of the inspiration for this blog, as I know you were for many others.

While I'm sure we haven't seen the last of you, my heartfelt thanks at this milepost moment for your kind support and encouragement through the years.  Certainly your many contributions to the field and financial blog-o-sphere will long endure.  All the best in your new endeavors!   

Jeff Pietsch


bcaka said...

I agree with this post 100% - having only become an avid reader of Dr. Brett in 2009, I'm hopeful we will still hear snippets of your wisdom occasionally!

Anonymous said...

Wisdom indeed! I hope that we can hear from Dr. Brett again as he is one of my ghost mentors who taught me so much during the last 18 months. The most important lesson was how to incorporate the market successes into your personal life, thereby enriching more than just your bank account.