Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DV_indicators Available!

DV_indicators — Fellow blogger and creative indicator maven David Varadi has finally released his new DV_indicators service.

To keep the cost of the suite of indicators affordable, he is offering them as part of a one-year subscription service that includes access to the indicators in MS Excel plus Tradestation or Ami-broker and unique and powerful members-only research with the promise of continuous improvements and market adaptations in the years ahead.

As many of you know, I have played a small role in programming David's many brilliant insights, and now you can take advantage of them too.  Each year's subscription includes:

1. Excel Plug-In
  • Nearly Forty Custom DV User Functions & Studies
  • Short-Term Reversion Indicators
  • Intermediate-Term Reversion Indicators
  • Long-Term Trend Indicators
  • Environmental Volatility Filters
  • Adaptive Trend vs. Mean Reversion Indicators
  • Historical Data Downloading
  • Basic Back-testing Capabilities
2. Excel Charting
  • Incorporates everything above in graphical fashion.
  • More thorough back-testing metrics.
  • Live e-mail signal alerts.
3. Trading Platforms [lifetime license]

A $700 value in their own right, your choice of the majority of indicators and strategies included in the plug-in in either Tradestation or Ami-broker format.

4. Proprietary Research

Really the most important part of the service in my mind, regular members-only strategy guides, updates and custom DV_index reports from David and the CSS Analytics team.

You know I rarely tout commercial projects with dedicated posts, but this is really a developer's delight that nevertheless remains accessible to the full spectrum of traders.  The membership price is not inexpensive at $1,199 per year, but when I think of how it compares to less robust stand-alone products and signal services, I believe it would be a bargain at twice that price for the serious systematic trader (but don't tell that to DV!).  Personal involvement granted -- Highly Recommended!

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Notes:  ETF Rewind subscribers only, check the members' site for a special courtesy code.  Excel components minimally require MS Windows XP with latest Service Pack and  Excel 2003 with Service Pack 3 or Excel 2007 with Service Pack 2.  PayPal processing is through Maple Park Management, LLC.  Subscribers will receive follow-up information and files from CSS Analytics -- real humans are handling the subscriptions, please allow a reasonable time to process!

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