Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07.28.10 - Semi's Lead Sell Pressure

The market is "finally" experiencing mild sell pressure after it's recent explosive move higher.  While Semi's (SMH) have been leading the way down and I'll be keeping a close eye on those, overall internals are mixed with positive cumulative tick set against marginally higher down volume and negative advancers - decliners.  Therefore, I am not expecting a major breakdown at this time.  Certainly jobless claims and GDP will play strongly going into the end of the week and there may be some nervousness going into those after two negative economic reports earlier in the week.

What is that below?  Hmmm.....  Re-publishers, please contact me about Market Rewind RSS feed going forward.  Yes, this is a Mary had a little lamb test!  Are you reading?

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Please post a copy of your trades and account balance at the end of each trading day so we can see how your doing